The Flash Podcast 07 – Power Outage

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On this week’s episode of The Flash Podcast, Andy and Scott are joined by special guest, Lauren Gallaway (From Fancastic TV and EW Community) to review the seventh episode of The Flash titled “Power Outage” where Barry has to face DC Comics’ Blackout as well as the return of Arrow’s Clock King (Robert Knepper). In the news section, they talk about The Flash and Arrow Universe possibly getting Supergirl joining their world. They also read listener feedback about “Power Outage” before heading into the spoiler section for the epic crossover next week, “Flash Vs Arrow” and “The Brave and the Bold”.   ‘

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  1. There’s actually a Phase IV that could be brought in as well. Right now they have Training/Tech, Metahumans and they’re bringing in Cosmic/Alien with Supergirl. All that is missing is Magic. Justice League Dark. Which is already ON television in Constantine, but that show isn’t getting the studio love that it should get.