The Flash Podcast 023 – DC Cinematic Universe (Part III)

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Welcome back to The Flash Podcast!

On this episode, Andy is joined by his good friend Tim Geraci from The Batman Universe Bat-Fans Podcast to discuss the latest news about the DC Cinematic Universe.

Last week, Nikki Finke (founder of Deadline Hollywood) dropped a big scoop on her new website about the next four years for Warner Bros. when it comes to their DC movies. Together, Andy and Tim discuss their feelings about it, what this could potentially mean for the TV shows and much more!

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  1. 2 comments and 1 question, sorry if I failed to hear something incorrectly:
    Kevin Smith confirmed the Warner/DC list of films in his “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast (#171). I still have doubts though.
    As much as you hope and want the TV universe to be part of the movie universe, I listened to other podcasts and I only heard the opposite remarks. Personally, I can’t see them as one universe. Too many changes have happened in “Arrow”. Maybe they’ll surpise us.
    You said the film rights fopr Aquaman are with Sony? You really meant Aquaman? How did they work it out to get Aquaman into the League movie?

    1. Re: Aquaman with Sony – I didn’t say that it was with Sony, I was using it as an example like this “Unlike Marvel, Warner Bros actually owns ALL their characters, it’s not like Aquaman is with Sony, for example”.

      Re: Kevin Smith Comment – I trust Smith has good sources, plus I wouldn’t be surprised if he is somehow a consultant for WB/DC.

      Re: Shared Universe – Well, other podcasters are entitled to their opinion, but me and my guest host Tim, believe in a shared universe. When you say “too many changes have happened in Arrow”, what does that really mean? That show has a very similar tone to the tone that Man of Steel established when it launched the DCCU. Nothing has been confirmed, but personally, I doubt WB wants to have two different Barry Allens, two different Oliver Queens and so on. We’ll see what happens.

      Hope that cleared it up.

      1. Yes, you cleared it up!!
        Re: Shared Universe – With changes I mean changes to characters, pulling in characters from usually non-Arrow comics. It’s just that I personally have a bad feeling about this being the same universe. Always difficult to argue with something as vage as a feeling, I know. I’ll just say, let’s wait and see what’s going to happen. Maybe they’ll surprise us and everything makes sense.