DC Movies Podcast – Episode 2: Suicide Squad Trailer and Character Talk

Well, look at this, episode two of the DC Movies Podcast is here. In this thrill ride of an episode, the hosts, Chris Doucher, Gregg Katzman and Rose Moore talk all-things Suicide Squad – hitting theaters in 2016. They give you a breakdown of the main characters, what is known about them so far and what they think of them. There’s much discussion around Will Smith’s Deadshot, Jared Leto’s The Joker and they also nerd out over their excitement about the incredibly strong female characters, including fan favorite Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn – the Bruce Timm co-created villain. The Suicide Squad is DC’s bold move into a villain-centric comic book movie. Have a listen, as Rose, Gregg and Chris talk about director David Ayer’s vision for the movie and the films he’s done to-date that should have quite the impact on how he showcases this group of villains in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). So pull up a couch or batmobile and make yourself comfortable as they dive into madness.

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1 thought on “DC Movies Podcast – Episode 2: Suicide Squad Trailer and Character Talk

  1. Timoyr says:

    I didn’t feel Will Smith’s lines in the trailer were out of place as they were lines straight from the New 52 Suicide Squad Comics (pretty much word for word and they were even “spoken” in the same way).

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