Doom Patrol Podcast Season 1 – Episode 12: “Cyborg Patrol”

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On the twelfth episode of the Doom Patrol Podcast (a.k.a. the Titans Podcast), your hosts Andy BehbakhtCorinne McCreery, and Amy Giardiniere get together to cover the twelfth episode of DC Universe’s newest show Doom Patrol! In episode 12, titled “Cyborg Patrol”, Silas finds out that Vic has been kidnapped and enlists the help of the Doom Patrol to save him from the Bureau of Normalcy.

That and more on this week’s episode of the Doom Patrol Podcast (a.k.a. the Titans Podcast!)

“EPISODE SYNOPSIS: With Vic captured by the Bureau of Normalcy and being held at the Ant Farm, his father, Silas Stone (guest star PHIL MORRIS) hatches a plan to break him out with the rest of the Doom Patrol.  As you can imagine, not everything goes according to plan.”

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