Doom Patrol Podcast Season 1 – Episode 10: “Hair Patrol”

On the tenth episode of the Doom Patrol Podcast (a.k.a. the Titans Podcast), your hosts Andy BehbakhtCorinne McCreery, Laura Sirikul and Amy Giardiniere get together to cover the tenth episode of DC Universe’s newest show Doom Patrol! In episode 10, titled “Hair Patrol”, the villainous Beard Hunter from the comics appears as he is going after The Chief, whose love story is also explored in flashbacks.

In the news, the gang talks about the major casting of Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne in Titans Season 2 and how all of them feel about the show making him a recurring character. In addition to that, they have another Mad Libs round, Doom Patrol style! That and more on this week’s episode of the Doom Patrol Podcast (a.k.a. the Titans Podcast!)

“EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Vic and Rita find the mansion infiltrated by Ernest Franklin (guest star TOMMY SNIDER), a dangerous man called The Beard Hunter, who’s been activated by the Bureau of Normalcy to find Niles Caulder. Meanwhile, we learn the tragic love story between Caulder and an immortal woman named Slava (guest star PISAY PAO) that started Niles on the path towards the man we know today.”

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