DC Movies Podcast – Episode 0: Meet the Hosts

Welcome to DC Movies Podcast! On episode zero of the DC Extended Universe dedicated podcast, your hosts Chris Doucher, Gregg Katzman and Rose Moore officially kicks of the new show by introducing themselves to the listeners. They also discuss several pieces of DCEU related things like what they think of the upcoming superhero universe by Warner Bros. Pictures. Lastly, they explain the structure and how the podcast will work and what you can expect from the show in the first couple of episodes!

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2 thoughts on “DC Movies Podcast – Episode 0: Meet the Hosts

  1. Rebecca Johnson says:

    Great first episode!

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I don’t think the Supergirl series CAN be connected to the DCEU (unless that term includes TV as well?) because according to the “Man of Steel” prequel comic, Kara has a completely different backstory. In the comic, she comes to Earth under different circumstances and at a different age than Melissa Benoist’s version. So unless they say “Screw it!”, I don’t see that happening.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you all! Excited about DC movies!

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