DC Films Podcast – Episode 19: Things We Want For Man Of Steel 2

On the 19th episode of DC Films Podcast, your host Tony Kim is joined by fellow DC TV Podcasts member, Andy Behbakht (Host of The Flash Podcast) as a guest to cover the latest in the world of the DC Extended Universe. This week’s topic is all about Man of Steel 2, the sequel to the Superman franchise starring Henry Cavill, which is currently in development.

Throughout the discussion, the duo discusses what they would like to see in the sequel for the Man of Steel, with a wishlist for directors, villains, character arcs and more. They also discuss the new Batsuit that Zack Snyder revealed for Justice League, Tony gives his thoughts on the Justice League Dark and Deathstroke news. In addition, they also discuss why the Harley Quinn/female DC characters spin-off film should be a higher priority for Warner Bros., with the recent news of Margot Robbie signing a first look deal with the studios.


-Zack Snyder (director of Justice League) released a photo featuring Ben Affleck as Batman in a new suit called “Tactical Batsuit”.

tacticial-batsuit man of steel

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