Should Warner Bros. Recruit Joss Whedon?

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By: Zachary Young

The mastermind behind Marvel’s The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron has come out and said that he no longer has any involvement with any of the future Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films. In a recent interview with the Oxford Union, Whedon talked about his involvement within the MCU, saying that he was a consultant on all the Phase 2 films, before deciding to solely focus on his own film. Whedon stated that he went into production on “Age of Ultron” with the intention that it would be his last movie with Marvel.

Will you have any involvement in the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Whedon: “No. You know I was their sort of Consigliere for a while… We do not discuss our thing… [audience laughter] But, I sort of had my finger in all of the films in the second phase, but then I just had to concentrate only on Ultron, and sort of know when it was done I was just going to stop. So I made a completely clean break – not because we had a falling out – just because I was like, “I can’t…” If I was still there going, “Well, here are my thoughts on this film,” I’d be there every day. I wouldn’t do anything else because there are a lot of films, and it is a lot of fun. It’s very seductive. When you can put your little fairy dust on things and just improve them slighty, and they actually listen to you… I was a script doctor for a long time, and the part where they listen to you was very rare; so it was very important for my own self to go “we can still be friends,” but…”

joss-whedon-131395With Whedon now done with Marvel, one has to wonder if Warner Bros. and DC Comics aren’t considering nabbing the comic book enthusiast to helm one of their own superhero epics. Back in the early 2000’s, Whedon was attempting to bring Wonder Woman to life for the studio before it fizzled out, due to creative differences. Back in April during the “Age of Ultron” press tour, Whedon reiterated his interest to work within the DC Comics universe, saying “I desperately wanted to do a Batman film – who doesn’t? And I wanted to do Wonder Woman. I was a Marvel kid growing up, but I was always DC-curious. And I see myself on the spectrum in between.”

Seeing as Ben Affleck will be helming his own standalone Batman film, and Patty Jenkins is deep into production on Wonder Woman, Whedon would have to pick from any of the other upcoming films. I for one think that Whedon would be a terrific pick for either 2018’s The Flash or 2019’s Shazam. Both films will have a more lighthearted side to them, along with more comedic elements, and that would definitely fall more in line with Joss’ directing style.

Should Warner Bros. recruit Whedon or do you think it is a bad idea?

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  1. I don’t have much of an opinion on whether Whedon should join the DCEU team (although, does Shazam have a writer or director yet?), but I will say this: there was a table read of his Wonder Woman script in SoCal last month, the video is online, and I thought he did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of Diana. Are there things to nitpick about it? Sure, but he managed to bring out the core of the character without resorting to “ice cream is MAGNIFICENT!” foolishness. I hope the BvS, Wonder Woman and Justice League teams do as well by her.