DC TV Classics 51 – The Return of Swamp Thing

Keith Chow and Adam Starcaster have finally made it to 1989! Unfortunately, they’re not talking about Batman just yet. Instead, the first DC superhero movie of this landmark year — which, coincidentally was also produced by Benjamin Melinker and Michael Uslan — was The Return of Swamp Thing, a sequel to Wes Craven’s original from 1982. The campy follow-up starred Heather Locklear as Abbie Arcane and brought back Dick Durock as Swamp Thing and Louis Jourdan as the evil Anton Arcane (even though he died a movie prior). Joining the cast is Superman II actress Sarah Douglas. They also spend some time lamenting the cancellation of the current incarnation of Swamp Thing on DC Universe and prepare for next week’s Batman extravaganza.

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