DC TV Classics 28 – Justice League and the Psychology of Superheroes

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With Justice League burning up the box office, we’ve united the Classics Crew to share their favorite Justice League-related moments in DC TV history.

Nick recounts the time Lex Luthor and The Flash switched bodies — which was very meta, considering Michael Rosenbaum has played both characters. Britney revisits the Christmas-themed “Comfort and Joy” episode and Desiree shouts out the Double Date episode with Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Question and Huntress. Finally, Keith brings up Smallville (again) and special guest Dr. Andrea Letamendi — from the Arkham Sessions podcast — remembers the classic JLU episode “Epilogue.”

Later, she helps us break down the psychology of Batman and why superheroes matter to us so much, a topic she has discussed in her very own Ted Talk.

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