DC Films Podcast – Au Revoir

After two years and almost 40 produced episodes, the DC Films Podcast is coming to an end. To all of our dedicated listeners who have been with the podcast since the very beginning, a major thank you for all of your support and we hope you continue to check out all the great shows on the DC TV Podcasts Network with an exciting new season of television coming up in just a month!

While there are no plans for a new DC Films related show on this network, never say never as there might come a time one day where the DC TV peeps come together to discuss the DC movies in one way or another. Continue to love the DC Extended Universe as the adventures of the Justice League and more are only just beginning. From everyone involved on the show, this has been the DC Films Podcast, thank you for listening!

“DC Films Podcast, a product of DC TV Podcasts and DC Comics News/Dark Knight News, is dedicated to covering the DC Comics movies in the DC Extended Universe. Hosted by Sark Sharkskin, Shaina Lucas, and Keith Chow, the podcast features the latest news, rumors, speculation and reviews. DC Films Podcast is not affiliated with DC Comics or Warner Bros. Pictures. Logos and artwork featuring DC Comics characters or properties, are trademark of DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures.”

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