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Sandman Podcast Season 1 – Episode 3: “Dream a Little Dream”

Sandman’s “Dream a Little Dream” episode is enchanting! Tony, Wendy, and Carolyn discussed the differences between the comic and the show, the positives and negatives of both, and the positive

Sandman Podcast Season 1 – Episode 2: “Imperfect Hosts”

Long Live Gregory and Goldie! Wendy, Carolyn and Tony break down episode two “Imperfect Hosts” while being excellent hosts themselves. Wendy shared the comic book history behind the characters introduced

Sandman Podcast Season 1 – Episode 1: “Sleep of the Just”

The journey to the dreaming begins! Wendy, Toni, and Carolyn break down the first episode of Sandman Season 1! Wendy and Toni broke down the opening of the episode and

The Sandman Podcast Season 0 – Episode 5: Preseason Finale – SDCC and Screener Review

Wendy, Carolyn, and Toni discuss their final thoughts and  speculation before the launch of the first season of Netflix’s Sandman series. Carolyn recounts the SDCC ’22 Sandman Panel and Toni

The Sandman Podcast Season 0 – Episode 4: Geeked Week 2022 Trailer Reaction

Carolyn and Toni are reunited with Vanessa from the Watchmen Podcast days as they react to the first full trailer released by Netflix during the Sandman Geeked Week panel to

The Sandman Podcast Season 0 – Episode 3: Dream

Wendy, Carolyn, and Toni give a brief analysis on the sneak peek promo Netflix released for Geeked Week (June 6-10) and speculate on what it may hint for the series.

The Sandman Podcast Season 0 – Episode 2: Introducing the Endless

Wendy, Carolyn, and Toni go over the non-Dream members of the Endless family: Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, and Delirium/Delight are discussed and your hosts speculate on how the show may

The Sandman Podcast Season 0 – Episode 1: Enter the Dreaming

Welcome back Swamp Things and Strange Adventurers! DC TV Podcasts is proud to launch The Sandman Podcast, with returning DC TV favorites Wendy, Carolyn, and Toni. After covering Swamp Thing