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I Made This – Creating DCTV Podcasts with Andy Behbakht and Rebecca Johnson (Hosted by Legends of Gotham’s Bill Meeks)

Find out how Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast) and Rebecca Johnson (Supergirl Radio) created the DCTV Podcast Network, hosted by Legend of Gotham’s Bill Meeks from his I Made This podcast. Andy

Legends Of Gotham #113 – The End

(S05E11-12) “THEY DID WHAT?” and “THE BEGINNING” What story started five years ago? It’s about a city, a calling, a Dark Knight hero. What comprised most of our thrillin’? The

Legends Of Gotham #112- The Bane Of This Episode

(S05E09-10) “THE TRIAL OF JIM GORDON” and “I AM BANE” Who is the man who shot good Ol’ Jim? Zsasz always had quite the problem with him. Why do people

Legends Of Gotham – A Quick Note About The Trial Of Jim Gordon

We have some good news and some bad news about the latest episode of Gotham. Tune in to find out! Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe:

Legends of Gotham #111 – Filler Croc

(S05E08) “NOTHING’S SHOCKING” – Who’s the man haunting Gotham’s dank sewers? This killer Croc is more than just rumors. How did Mr. Penn manage to survive? Lax coroners, and a

Legends of Gotham #110 – Crazy Ex J Friend

(S05E07) Where has Alfred Pennyworth gone? He’s back in the mansion, a buttling pawn. Will Bruce survive another night at the cinema? Jeremiah gives his grief a much-needed enema. Is

Legends of Gotham #109 – Batgirl Begins

(S05E06) Can Jim break a sprint in polished dress shoes? He’s a cop on the run, with nothing to lose. Who would dare invade Penguin’s den of treasure? Magpie’s the

Legends of Gotham #108 – (S05E05) Things Are Getting Strange

(S05E05) “PENA DURA” – Is Jim’s army buddy a foe or a friend? At least he gives Jim a choice, in the end. Did Oswald chip away at Ed’s moral

Legends of Gotham #107 – (S05E04) Roofin’ Riddlers

(S05E04) “RUIN” – Who set the bomb that blew up Haven? Ed’s looking grimy and he hasn’t shaven. Was Zsasz the professional we’re seeking news of? He’s guilty of much,

Legends of Gotham #106 – (S05E03) Tears In Haven

(S05E03) “PENGUIN, OUR HERO” – Why is Pengy forever alone? He demanded obedience while inside his home. Has the GCPD created a Haven? It was a safe place until the