DC TV Podcasts: Feeding America Marathon Fundraiser

Saturday, June 20th, 2020

What is Feeding America?

Feeding America is the leading domestic hunger-relief organization with a nationwide network of 200 food banks. As individuals, charities, businesses, and government, everyone has a role to play in ensuring every family has enough to eat, and the Feeding America network of food banks is leading the charge in communities across the country. Every dollar you give helps share 10 meals with families, children, and seniors across America. For more information, please visit

What is the DC TV Podcasts: Feeding America 2020 Charity Marathon?

On Friday, May 15, 2020, DC TV Podcasts made the formal announcement about the podcast network’s 6th fundraiser, this time with Feeding America featuring the hosts of The Flash Podcast, Supergirl Radio, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, Black Lightning Podcast, Titans Podcast, Batwoman Podcast, Stargirl Podcast, Superman & Lois Radio, Green Lantern Podcast, and Strange Adventures Podcast.

The event will be hosted at and will kick off at 8 AM PST/11 AM EST on Saturday, June 20 with all ten shows running into the evening that will be concluded with a DC TV Podcasts Assemble show featuring hosts from all the podcasts. For more information, click here to read the press release.

The goal for this event is $2000 dollars and you can between now till the end of Saturday, June 20, make a donation to Feeding America by clicking on the “DONATE NOW” button below which will take you to DC TV Podcast’s individual donation page on the organization’s website. Even after the said goal is reached, we encourage you to keep making donations even after the marathon on Saturday, June 20th.

How to Donate:

Click the DONATE NOW button below or go directly to DC TV Podcasts’ fundraising page on Feeding America’s website.


Our Goal:

The goal of this event is $2000. You can donate now until the end of Saturday, June 20. Even after our goal is reached, you can absolutely continue to make donations. We also remind you that we’ll be holding a raffle giveaway with some amazing DC TV-related prizes!

How to Listen:

DCTVPodcasts is on Mixlr
The event will start at 8 AM PST/11 AM EST – here is the following schedule for when all the live shows will begin:

DISCLAIMER: While 8:00 AM PT is the official start time for the event, the line-up schedule is subject to change and will be finalized closer to the event.

Legends of Tomorrow Podcast 8:00 AM PT (11:00 AM ET)

Stargirl Podcast 9:00 AM PT (12:00 PM ET)

Superman & Lois Radio 10:00 AM PT (1:00 PM ET)

The Flash Podcast 11:00 AM PT (2:00 PM ET)

Green Lantern Podcast 12:00 PM PT (3:00 PM ET)

Batwoman Podcast at 1:00 PM PT (4:00 PM ET)

Black Lightning Podcast at 2:00 PM PT (5:00 PM ET)

Titans Podcast at 3:00 PM PT (6:00 PM ET)

Strange Adventures Podcast at 4:00 PM PT (7:00 PM ET)

Supergirl Radio at 5:00 PM PT (8:00 PM ET)

DC TV Podcasts: Assemble Show at 6:00 PM PT (9:00 PM ET)